Monthly Archives: December 2015

McCauley: A Place to Call Home


Early in the new year I will begin filming my next video project for the City of Edmonton/McCauley Revitalization. Entitled “McCauley: A Place to Call Home – Housing Issues in a Caring Community,” the short film will explore issues of housing and homelessness in the neighbourhood and how other communities can learn from McCauley’s example. The ultimate message is that housing needs to be a city-wide responsibility.The film is also being made with the assistance of Boyle McCauley News. I’ll be posting updates concerning the project at the associated website and Facebook page.

Oromo Lives Matter


During this holiday season I edited and voiced a short documentary for the local Oromian community to raise awareness of human rights abuses in their home country of Ethiopia. The video went viral pretty much as soon as it hit social media. “Oromo Lives Matter: The Oromo Popular Resistance Against the Infamous Addis Ababa Master Plan” was an extremely interesting experience for me, because I myself was unaware of the Oromo people and what they are experiencing until this past December, when I filmed a protest the local community did as part of a global day of action. I connected with community leaders a short while later, which led to the creation of the video below.

YEG Social Media Influencer


I found out earlier today that I was named one of Edmonton’s top 200 social media influencers by Jay Palter Social Advisory. Palter is a social media strategist based in Calgary. I was certainly honoured to be named along with such major players in Edmonton (and Alberta’s) social media scene, like Mayor Don Iveson, Premier Rachel Notley, and MP Linda Duncan.