I have been in this business for over 20 years. More than two decades. Yes, I started young – had my first professional piece appear in print when I was 17, followed by years of paying my dues throughout university and eventually launching my own freelance communications business in 1997.

One website outlining my services led to another and another, and there I was 20 years later with content scattered all over the place. So, I decided it was time to amalgamate my main websites in a way that better reflected my contemporary style and offerings – which have grown substantially from only writing and editing, to include photography, videography, music, and social media.

Some of what I do now just did not exist two decades ago, or were in their beginning stages. Part of being a good communications professional is keeping up with the field and adapting to change. Flexibility involves the ability to handle change. The thing I like the most about freelancing is the flexibility. Every day is different. I hope this website can be as exciting as life truly can be.