1263883_10151904239292438_163005655_oAs a videographer, I document Edmonton’s progressive scene, particularly peace marches and rallies but also other kinds of events.

A comprehensive collection of my work can be found at YouTube. You may find it easier to find videos according to date or topic under the Video sections of Radical Citizen Media.

Videos on lighter subjects like music and events around Edmonton can be found at my other YouTube channel.

Currently, I am producing a community access television program for Shaw TV called From the Ground Up, which highlights activism in Edmonton. You can view episodes of the show here.

Here are a couple of samples of some of the work I do with non-profits. I put together this short documentary for the local Oromian community to raise awareness of human rights abuses in Ethiopia. The video went viral within one week:

This is a short video summarizing the 2015 Banff Men’s Conference of the United Church of Canada. I did the editing for the video:

Here is a video I was hired to put together to promote Daughters Day in Edmonton:

I completed a video project about the McCauley neighbourhood in 2013. You can learn more about it here: McCauley Moments. Or, you can just watch it below:


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