About Corners

Almost exactly one year ago, I met with John Armstrong to begin a musical journey that would take us through a full-length album that picked up where Bill Bourne and I left off, two singles, and now another full-length album.

“Corners” began at home when I was learning audio production at home during the pandemic restrictions. I chose nine songs that didn’t fit the album project with Bill that was already in progress. When I brought the songs to John that eventually became “The Crow,” released in December of 2022, I also brought him the other songs I was working on, and together with the amazing guitar work of Paul Steffes and electric bass from Michael (Mucha Bee) Belandiuk, “Corners” took shape, reflecting a very different musical direction than my previous work.

The songs on “Corners” span around 25 years of life and writing, from a wistful tune I wrote after my first major breakup (“Falling”) to one of my first protest songs (“Marching in the Street”) to just wanting to rock out (“Won’t Let You In”) to introspection following the death of my mother a few years ago (“Return”). While my lyrics are still central to my writing, these songs have more of a rock/blues edge with elements of folk – and a few surprises. “Corners” was mastered by Stew Kirkwood at Dept.9 Studios who really brought out what the songs have to offer.

Most of all, I want to thank John Armstrong for his infinite patience, tact, hand percussion wizardry, and for his willingness to take on two challenging projects that were produced basically at the same time. I have learned so much over the last year and I never expected to ever release one full-length project, let alone two. I could not have done it without you, John.

“Corners” is available to download from my Bandcamp site: https://paulaevekirman.bandcamp.com/album/corners

It’s also on streaming services. A physical CD will be coming soon.