True Friends of McCauley


On May 30, I was honoured to be named a True Friend of McCauley by the City of Edmonton/McCauley Revitalization. Around 50 residents, business owners, faith leaders, and representatives of agencies/non-profits who have contributed to the McCauley neighbourhood. The awards were handed out by Scott McKeen, Ward 6 City Councillor. I was in the Agencies/Non-Profit category for my work with Boyle McCauley News and several Revitalization projects such as a series of historical/walking tour booklets and the McCauley Moments film.

True Friends of McCauley Awards Banquet

However, Revitalization Coordinator Jane Molstad was surprised when the tables were turned and we ended up honouring her! She was gifted with a digital art print I created of Sacred Heart Church.

True Friends of McCauley Awards Banquet

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