Introducing: Moving Spotlight

I had the incredible opportunity to take the fall 2020 Social Enterprise Bootcamp offered by the Edmonton Community Development Company. The instructor was Anna Bubel, who teaches a similar course in third year Business at The King’s University. Over the span of almost three months, we learned about what social enterprise is, how to plan and execute a feasibility study for our ideas, and ultimately present a PowerPoint on our social enterprise idea, including market research and financial projections. While I entered the bootcamp without a clue, I focused on developing the framework for a social enterprise that would address the current financial insecurity being experienced by performing artists, and the isolation and loss of community by audiences. I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to “flip the switch” on the idea, but figured, why not? So if any of my musician, comedian, spoken work, or performance artist friends would like to organize a ticketed show on Zoom, let me know. And allow me to introduce Moving Spotlight: Connecting Artists and Audiences: