Active Observer

I used to be the “Active Observer” for Our Voice, Edmonton’s Street Magazine. The column continued in From the Ground Up, a ‘zine focussing on the local activist community. In each issue I tackled a social justice issues from a local perspective. This is an archive of my columns.

From the Ground Up:

What Can I Do? (Summer 2009)
Conflicting Expectations (Spring 2009)
The Issues Behind the Issues (Winter 2009)

Our Voice:

Community Media: Not So Subversive (August/September/October 2008)
Why I Ride (June/July 2008)
A Living Wage (April/May 2008)
Marching for Peace and Principles (February/March 2008)
Getting Into the Spirit (December/January 2008)
Food for Thought (October/November 2007)
Pens Give Power to the People (August/September 2007)
Disability Issues Affect Us All (June/July 2007)
Living as a Woman (April/May 2007)
Addictions Have No Boundaries (February 2007)
Getting Around – Part Two (December 2006)
Getting Around on Two Wheels (Fall 2006)
Playing Tourist For A Day (September 2006)
The Making of Milestones (July 2006)
Finding Freedom (May 2006, Vol. 11, #11)
Sharing the Love (Spring 2006)
Out of the Cold (January/February 2006, Vol. 11, #10)
The Season to Give (December 2005, Vol. 11, #9)
Affordable Housing: Where are you staying this winter? (November 2005, Vol. 11, #8)
Access to Mental Health Care in Crisis (October 2005, Vol. 11, #7)