While I am a private person, I do appreciate the ability to express myself through the medium of blogging.

Sacred Social Justice is where I discuss social issues from a faith perspective. I also write about my various projects and experiences living in Edmonton. Sacred Social Justice also has an associated Tumblr, with extra links and information about social movements.

Then I Ate is a food blog documenting my culinary adventures throughout Edmonton.

(Un)Clutter My Life deals with my personal battle with clutter as I try to achieve minimalism.

40 by Forty is a blog I started in February of 2013 and counts down to my 40th birthday that August. I am attempting to impart some wisdom and encourage others to make forward momentum in their lives.

Write Now: A Journal for the Journey of Writing is a series of meditations to help writers be inspired.

Red Flags: Relationship Advice for Smart Women is a series of articles and advice from my collected writings about relationships.

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