Media Attention for Oromo Video

Metro Edmonton ran a story this week on the video I put together for the local Oromian community about human rights abuses in Ethiopia. The video continues to go viral- it had around 2500 views before the story ran. In the couple of days since, the video now has over 4000 views!

Oromo Lives Matter

During this holiday season I edited and voiced a short documentary for the local Oromian community to raise awareness of human rights abuses in their home country of Ethiopia. The video went viral pretty much as soon as it hit social media. “Oromo Lives Matter: The Oromo Popular Resistance Against the Infamous Addis Ababa Master Plan” was an extremely interesting experience for me, because I myself was unaware of the Oromo people and what they are experiencing until this past December, when I filmed a protest the local community did as part of a global day of action. I connected with community leaders a short while later, which led to the creation of the video below.