The Dragon in the Forest

group_shot2“The Dragon in the Forest” is a short story for children that I wrote some years ago. The inspiration for the story grew out of my study of fairy tales while in elementary school. The original draft of the story was written when I was ten years old as an entry in a playwriting contest. I was one of the winners, and “Dragon” was produced as a play by an Alberta theatre company and performed at schools around the province.

The story currently appears on the Bedtime-Story website. You can read the story by clicking here.

princess_marigoldEarlier in 2004, I was contacted by Jessica Lowe, a children’s entertainer in Texas. Her own young son enjoyed the story, and she decided to perform the story for an audience. This  page features some photos from the performance. You can also visit Jessica’s website here.

I plan to re-write the story as a children’s early chapter book, and would love to team up with an illustrator to help make this project a reality. You can contact me here.