I had the incredible opportunity to take the fall 2020 Social Enterprise Bootcamp offered by the Edmonton Community Development Company. The instructor was Anna Bubel, who teaches a similar course in third year Business at The King’s University. Over the span of almost three months, we learned about what social enterprise is, how to plan and execute a feasibility study for our ideas, and ultimately present a PowerPoint on our social enterprise idea, including market research and financial projections. While I entered the bootcamp without a clue, I focused on developing the framework for a social enterprise that would address the current financial insecurity being experienced by performing artists, and the isolation and loss of community by audiences. I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to “flip the switch” on the idea, but figured, why not? So if any of my musician, comedian, spoken work, or performance artist friends would like to organize a ticketed show on Zoom, let me know. And allow me to introduce Moving Spotlight: Connecting Artists and Audiences: movingspotlight.com

As I announced here a few months ago, I accepted a four-month contract with Mill Woods United Church as Marketing Project Coordinator. The church decided to extend my contract beyond the original expiry date of August 31. I am on a very part-time schedule of 10 hours a week updating the church’s website, social media, and finding new ways to increase the church’s presence in the community.

Making things ever so official, my bio and photo is now up on the church website’s staff page, and an article I wrote about what exactly I do was published in the latest edition of the Connections newsletter (it’s on page 11).

I have just added a few recent website projects to the Websites section of my site, to showcase what I have been up to web-wise over the past few months:

Alberta Labour History Institute – This non-profit organization needed a complete redesign with a focus on well-organized content that is easy to search and update. It continues to be a work in progress.

Mill Woods United Church – Part of my staff position as Marketing Project Coordinator is maintaining the website, keeping the content clean and up to date.

Alberta Street News – After the original publisher began running the street newspaper again, which provides a source of income to marginalized people, a new website was needed that was clean, easy to navigate, and kept the paper’s identity intact.

I recently accepted a position with Mill Woods United Church as their Marketing Project Coordinator through the summer. This part-time position will have me helping the congregation out with its website and social media (as well as other marketing materials) to help them reach out further into the community and hopefully attract new members. In less than two weeks I have already made some major changes to the website, enhanced their existing social media (Twitter and Facebook), and created the infrastructure for new social media developments on Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube. I think it is going to be an interesting summer.

I spent much of today working on a really fun project: a new website for an emerging Edmonton author named Leif Gregersen. Leif is a very talented writer of poetry, memoir, and short stories, with several books to his credit. I met Leif through my work at Boyle McCauley News, and I am so glad he asked me to create his website.

Another project I was working on for a couple of months is a booklet about the churches along 96 Street. The Churches of Edmonton’s Church Street: 96 Street between 106 and 110 Avenues launched on July 12 at the first annual Church Street Fair organized by Friends of Church Street. I was the editor, project manager, and one of the photographers. This is the second book project for McCauley Revitalization/City of Edmonton. Last year, I edited the walking tour book McCauley Then and Now: A Walk Through One of Edmonton’s First Neighbourhoods.