313094_344770382273527_940551196_nI am involved with a number of social concerns, both as an organizer and a documenter of events.

Radical Citizen Media is a visual archive of many events, rallies, and marches in Edmonton. Running this site has almost become a second profession for me.

Sacred Social Justice is a blog where I post videos and notes from my various talks on aspects of faith and social justice, and how they intersect.

My channel at YouTube is where all of the videos from the events documented at Radical Citizen Media are archived.

Since Flickr is such as great way to upload and share photos, I also post many of my photos from Radical Citizen Media there as well.

This Is What Democracy Looks Like is a photo blog featuring some of my best shots at rallies and protests in Edmonton.

Alberta Street News is a street newspaper sold by people experiencing poverty and homelessness. I am a contributor and maintain the website.

Active Observer was my social justice column I used to write for Our Voice: Edmonton’s Street Magazine, which I now continue in From the Ground Up. I present a social concern of local significance and then try to offer suggestions or alternatives.

From the Ground Up was a quarterly ‘zine I published and edited, that showcased the work and events from Edmonton’s activist community. It was also the name of a community access television program I produced for Shaw TV from 2013-2017.

The Edmonton Social Justice/Activist Resource and Contact Guide was originally an independent print publication that I edited.

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